Additional Services for ceremonies

Family and Friends

This is a service which can be for a marriage blessing or renewal of vows ceremony, in the presence of family and friends. Here you can include additional services for ceremonies.

You can choose to have an after ceremony celebration booked and arranged through us.

family and friends marriage blessing
family and friends marriage blessing

The above images show ceremonies held in front of Bar da Praia. At this venue, couples could arrange through us, to have a bespoke ceremony and celebrations.

Some of the things that would need to be considered for additional services for ceremonies can include:

  • – A Layperson to perform the reading (one of our team)
  • – Pastor and translator to perform the service (additional fee)
  • – The hire time to close the bar from 7p.m. – 10p.m. (or until midnight).
  • – Additional decorations
  • – Chair hire
  • – Hire of bouquet, button holes etc
  • – Cocktail and aperitif service before dinner.
  • – Buffet service option / Dinner service option
  • – Wedding cake
  • – Musicians or background music
  • – Our service arrangement costs
  • – Transport costs
  • – Photographer fees
  • – Any additional services and fees

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Simplicity Ceremony

after simplicity ceremony drinks to watch the sunset

Couples can choose to return to their hotel after the ceremony, alternatively, go for some drinks and watch the sunset.

There are a number of venues along the beach at which you can watch the sun go down or enjoy a cool drink.

You may wish to continue with the celebrations at that venue or go for a meal in Santa Maria or at your hotel.

Cape Verde Tips

Further information on our wedding services can be found on our primary website ‘Cape Verde Tips’.

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Simplicity Package

Family and Friends

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