Welcome to Cape Verde Weddings. The functionality of this website is to make you aware of our wedding services. You can contact ‘Cape Verde Weddings’ through our primary website ‘Cape Verde Tips’.

Cape Verde Tips‘ provides further information on wedding services and marriage blessings that we don’t cover on ‘Cape Verde Weddings’. We recommend that you correspondingly visit ‘Cape Verde Tips’ and contact us there.

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Simplicity Package

Family and Friends

Family and Friends Ceremony

Family and Friends ceremonies

These are bespoke ceremonies. They can be can be for small, medium or larger wedding party groups.

This wedding party of family and friends were staying at the Riu, however, they held their ceremony on the beach associated to another hotel venue in Santa Maria.

If you choose to contact Cape Verde Weddings, you should have already found information on the ceremonies we’ve previously provided. You will also find a plethora of information on wedding services on our primary site ‘Cape Verde Tips’.

Access to Inquiry Forms

We have set up two different forms, one for each service. Both forms are held on two separate pages that provide information about each of these services. You can find these via ‘Simplicity Ceremony‘ and ‘Family and Friends‘ wedding pages.

Before making your enquiry, please check out our FAQ on ‘Cape Verde Tips’.

Communication with Cape Verde Weddings

  • Please note: We only correspond by email through ‘Cape Verde Tips’.
  • The Riu Hotels on the islands will not play host for ceremonies or functions within the hotel, the grounds or on the beach in front of the hotels. Some couples who are guests of the Riu may want their ceremony on the beach near to the hotel or will have their ceremony at other venues and if no after ceremony function is planned, some couples return to the hotel to relax, enjoy the all inclusive drinks and meal with family and friends.
  • Other hotels will accommodate ceremonies and after ceremony functions
  • Rainy season is in August, September and into October, we may not get a lot of rain, but the rain can fall outside of these months. It can also be very humid during these times!

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