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Our ‘Simplicity ceremony Sal Island’ is suitable for most couples who wish to renew their vows, receive a marriage blessing, or have a pre-nuptual celebration. We have readings suitable for most ceremony types and, these are usually read by one of our team. You can choose to have a symbolic reading or a reading from the Evangelical Church. There is a fixed fee for this service, the fee currently includes: the pre-meeting, the permit, the provision of a layperson, wedding arch, small table and vase and transport for the couple on the day of the ceremony only. No chairs are provided with this ceremony.


Our Simplicity package is currently provided at two venues, the first being near Porto Antigo in Santa Maria and the second is at Ponta Preta.

The Simplicity ceremony Sal Island is aimed specifically at couples who want to celebrate their lives together. This is a more intimate celebration for ‘couples only’, but we’ve had some with their children or a few friends. Couples with a larger wedding party will need to consider a ‘Family and Friends’ ceremony which, can include seating.

simplicity after ceremony sunset drinks

Sunset drinks

You can choose to stay for after ceremony sunset drinks and wait for the sun to go down.

There are a number of bars and restaurants in Santa Maria. Though some couples preferred the Farolin Restaurant overlooking the bay. Over at Ponta Preta, there is the rustic Ponta Preta Restaurant and Bo Bar.

Wedding Team - Layperson

Our Team

We have a number of Wedding Assistants that help prepare the wedding arch, act as Laypersons or as ceremony photographers.

Assistants can meet you at a pre-ceremony meeting to show you the beach area and follow up with answers to questions, tell you what will happen on the day etc.

Simplicity ceremony – Island of Sal

Our primary website ‘Cape Verde Tips’ will provide further information on our wedding services.

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